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"Sock it to me baby"


"While the Gods of love look down and a laugh at what romantic fools we mortals be"

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ERS, is the god of love in Greek mythology. Eros personified does not occur in Homer, but Homeric passages in which the word eros is used give a clear idea of the original significance. It is the violent physical desire that drives Paris to Helen, Zeus to Hera, and shakes the limbs of the suitors of Penelope.

A more refined conception of this Eros who affects mind and body appears in the lyric poets of the sixth and seventh centuries B.C. Because his power brings peril he is pictured as cunning, unmanageable, cruel.

APHRODITE, is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The meaning of the name is uncertain, though the Greeks, from Hesiod on, derived it from ps, 'foam', and told of the birth of Aphrodite from the sea. She was worshipped throughout almost all of the Greek world.

Primarily, she is the goddess of generation and fertility, and in poetry often seems little more than a personification of the sexual instinct and the power of love.