Marvin Smith, lead singer of The Artistics, and on this recording he is backed by them, muses on that old chestnut: Time; which in this particular case is something like; the psychological interpretation of the phenomena contingent on a given state of mind. As it happens there is another way of looking at 'time' stopping. Some contemporary theory* has it that the use of time, so called 'clock time', as a form of control and order is being replaced by another (in my opinion more insidious) form of time-as-control-mechanism, the term used is 'Timeless Time'. For a model of timeless time one need look no further then this very page which is available at all times in all places instantly just as if there is no divisions either temporal or spatial. From this micro example of time being squashed out of existence - and capitalism has always wanted to eliminate time as impediment to continuous production/consumption and profit - a global picture of 'timeless time' in the service of capital, aided and abetted by political legislation, is easy to construct. Although such divisions as: learning, work or leisure are now largely redundant - we now have this precept as part of our unconscious - it can be understood, simply put, in these terms: your paying  for this, I'm paying for this; your working, I'm working; your learning, I'm learning; this is your leisure, this is my leisure. We are both producing what we consume and paying for the privilege; we are both building and inhabiting the 'social factory', our old certainties have been replaced with a continuous state of precariousness, and our world view with a totally new consciousness, part of which is time as: '9-11' or '24-7'.

* Notably: Manuel Castells The Rise Of The Network Society Pub. 1996